photodune-493273-votive-candle-sIt is my belief that your ‘Spirituality’ is an intensely personal decision.

Every being, every soul, has their own path to follow. It would be my honor for our paths to cross along the way.

My goal is to assist those who ask and to respect the privacy of those who do not.

I offer a variety of spiritual services, but can also customize any service to meet your own spiritual needs, respectfully blending different disciplines in preparing a spiritual path that’s right for you.

Choose A Path:

Spiritual Energy
Closure Ceremony
Past Life Regression
Home & Business Blessings
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    Energy flows all around us and through us. Energy is everywhere and everything is energy.I’ve studied various healing arts, and many styles and modalities of Energy Work. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Chakra Therapist, and Registered Yoga Teacher there are two main areas on which I focus: Sessions and Classes.This area is about your sessions. Sessions are about my synergistically working with your energy and facilitating Reiki. I also discuss with you techniques for applying self-work. For more in-depth training, please see Classes.· Reiki – Focusing on bringing harmonic flow to yourself or others. Allowing and directing the flow of energy as adjustments are made to nourish and fortify the life force energy (Ki, Chi, Qi), restoring balance. These sessions are also available across distance.· Aura Work – Focusing on your aura, the various layers of your energy body that surround your physical body. As we go through our busy days we may unwittingly allow our energy body to be affected by negativity. Tensing up, we may block what we need or leave ourselves wide open. Assisting you with developing techniques for a harmonious relationship with the aura of other beings around you, while maintaining a protective energy is the optimum goal.

    · Chakras – Focusing on the chakras, or the physical points on the body that function as centers of life force. This is specifically working with the movement, the current, of energetic flow. Learning to ground and center yourself can bring you back to your intended purpose.

    · Sound Therapy – Waves of sound may have deep and profound effect on our body, mind, and spirit. Sound is what you hear and what you don’t hear and so much more. Experience this and open a whole new realm of possibilities.

    Please see Classes for more information.

    * disclaimer: If you are under the care of a medical or psychological health care provider, please follow their advice. This is not intended to replace any treatment.

  • Closure Ceremony

    Love on the Rocks

    Relationship Change, Divorce, or Separation

    Recognizing and respecting that sometimes life’s journey leads you on differing paths for reasons yet to be discovered.

    Change in relationship status may leave you wanting resolution…

    This act of closure recognizes your love and rejoices in your growth in differing directions. A ceremony to honor the past and embrace the future ~ letting go allows you to turn the page and begin a new chapter in your life!

    You set the tone from solemn to festive as appropriate.

    This Life Event Ceremony* is appropriate for couples or individuals

    * Disclaimer: this ceremonial act has no legal implications. Please consult your attorney for legal questions.

  • Past Life Regression

    Into the Light

    Past Life Regression is the process of reviewing or re-experiencing moments and feelings from a previous lifetime that may be affecting you in this life. With Past Life Regression (PLR), it is possible to reach high levels of understanding and self-healing*, to disrupt patterns that you may seem to be stuck repeating. Understanding what has happened in the past may unlock your future and lead you to gain insight and experience spiritual healing.

    Do I need any experience or a particular religion?

    Not at all. Many people of many different faiths have benefited from PLR. Those who say they do not believe in past lives or reincarnation have also experienced the benefits of PLR. Many connect with their higher self. Some have also reported experiencing life between lives, future lives, and connecting with their spirit guides, angels, and loved ones. I find it comforting that many faiths share many similar experiences. Having an open mind to allow you to gain the most from your experience is wonderful.

    What will happen first?

    When you arrive for your appointment, we will talk for a bit so you will understand the process, be relaxed and comfortable. This also allows me to understand your goals and act as your guide, being careful to not lead you in any direction, allowing you to make your discoveries.

    What actually happens to me in the session?

    You are in a comfortable room, with dimmed lighting. You are never out-of-control or unaware, nor are you asleep. In fact, you are most likely in a state of being hyper-aware and always in control of yourself, always aware of your surroundings. If you have ever experienced deep meditation, yoga nidra, or profound prayer, you may recognize similar feelings.

    Will I remember everything?

    Yes, you will! Some are concerned that painful events in the past may cause pain now. This is not the case – you are only ‘viewing’ the past, very much like watching a scene from a movie. You may realize that some of your dreams have been guiding you here, to this path of discovery.

    How long does the session last?

    Typically, our time together will last about 90 minutes. However, I ask you to allow a two-hour time period in your schedule. For some people, the experience can be very spiritual and perhaps emotional. It is wise to leave a bit of time to allow you to absorb what you experienced, to talk, share, or ask questions.

    Perhaps you just want to understand a little more about the process. Many are simply curious to experience PLR for themselves! Whatever your reasons, chances are you were led here to help you figure out your best course of action. Call to talk about what may help you begin your new and exciting path of self-discovery.

    *disclaimer: In no way does this imply emotional or psychological therapy. Always consult your medical or psychological professional for treatment concerns.

  • Home & Business Blessings

    Home protectionAt Your Home

    Your dwellings both at home and at work are a refuge. It is crucial to your personal — as well as professional – success that your environments are conducive to good energy and positive feelings.

    Clear your home or workplace of negative and/or unwanted energy!

    I have several techniques that follow very old traditions along with newer methods for clearing negative and misdirected energy. Blessing your space helps bring peace and harmony.

    At Your Business

    There are numerous benefits to having your business blessed, and many good things can come your way – goodwill, harmony, properity – ingredients for your successful business.