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    Meditation and Mindfulness Instruction, Mind Coaching

    Meditation, mindfulness, life coaching … we hear promises of stress relief, peacefulness, and calm. Don’t allow this to increase your stress with unanswered questions or unnecessary pressure on yourself… Am I doing it right? What am I missing? I can’t seem to relax!

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    When I began my personal mindfulness practices, I struggled to find answers.
    As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister, I began to understand…
    Your journey to your goal is what matters. There is not a right way to meditate, but many right ways.

    Common goals include:

    Weight loss, Quit smoking,
    Conquer fears, Overcome fear of public speaking,
    Increase well-being, Increase energy,
    Increase focus and concentration, Reduce stress
    Promote self-healing, Promote self-awareness,
    Increase intuition and insight,
    Deepen your spiritual path and practice,
    Explore Past Life Regression

    Mind Coaching, Mindfulness Training, and Stress Management –

    Great workshops for Business Gatherings

    Fun for Meditation Parties – explore Past Life Regression!
    Designed to fit your schedule, call for details 

    Not comfortable in a larger group setting?
    Individual or small group coaching is also available to help you gain your maximum benefit and relaxation

    For NCBTMB Certified Massage Therapists, I am an approved provider (705314/32) and offer an approved class for continuing education credit. Certificate provided at completion.

    This class is also open to any interested persons not requiring the credits.

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    Mindfulness Training and Stress Management

    Business Workshop or In-Service
    • Increase productivity
    • Ease stress and anxiety
    • Increase positive workflow
    Host a Meditation Party
    • Find purpose and direction
    • Remove stagnant energy
    • Begin or enhance personal practice
    Individual Training also available
    All the tools you need are already within you. Now learn how to access them.
  • Meditating business partnersTime for a team-building exercise at work? Why not a guided Meditation Workshop?
    A workshop for your business includes:
    • Gentle relaxation and a full-on group meditation experience
    • Stress- and anxiety-reducing exercises
    • Live Practice with Guided Meditation
    • Q and A, Discussions
    • Written Materials. So what are you waiting for?Set up an appointment for meditation