Certificates and necessary materials are provided for all classes.
NCBTMB hours are available for many of the classes as stated below.
Please contact Ageless Balance for more information and schedules.
Three or more students may form a class. Call for details.

Chakra Balance & Chakra Massage

meditation, chakrasPre-requisite: None

The Chakra Balance & Chakra Massage class is a study of the energy flow through the body’s main Chakras, or temporal points of Chi. This course will teach you to understand the Chakras, their main functions, and how to “massage” them to achieve their fullest potential as energy actuators. You will learn to center your own Chi, as well as guiding your client or partner, bringing greater balance to life in an Ageless tradition.

If you are interested in the NCBTMB continuing education, this class provides 8 hours.

Mindfulness Meditation & Energy Self-Care

fun at meditationPre-requisite: None

In caring for others many times we lose ourselves in the process. All the tools needed for self-care are within each of us. This training teaches mindfulness training and stress management techniques.

  • Reduce stress levels
  • Promote well-being
  • Enhance self-healing
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Identify warning signs of unhealthy stress
  • Learn about healthy versus unhealthy stress
  • Learn various methods of meditation
  • Identify various levels of awareness and relaxation, i.e., brain waves patterns

If you are interested in the NCBTMB continuing education, this class provides 6 hours.

Reiki I

Holistic therapyPre-requisite: None, other than a desire to help yourself and others!

Reiki I is an introduction to Usui Reiki. We will look at the history, different disciplines, and how to begin your practice or add this to an existing practice. By the end of the day you are attuned as a Level I Practitioner with the tools to facilitate a Reiki session on yourself and others. The beginning principles are taught along with the hand positions, and basic healing techniques. This is a wonderful way to get in touch with Reiki.

Perfect for the exploratory student, massage therapist, or for anyone wanting to learn this ancient healing art. Reiki is also wonderful for your pets. I invite you to begin your journey here.

If you are interested in the NCBTMB continuing education, this class provides 6 hours.

Reiki II

Hand and EarthPre-requisite: Reiki Level I

Reiki II is an advanced class for Usui Reiki practitioners. In this class we cover advanced techniques and explore some of the deeper meanings behind the observances, spiritual mechanisms, and energy re-flowing that you will be practicing. Further exploration includes the symbols and how to use them, including conducting sessions across distance and time.

Ethics and standards of practice are emphasized.

It is recommended that you have practiced Reiki Level I for a while before receiving your Level II Attunement.

This class requires some previous knowledge and experience in Reiki, along with your Level I Attunement Certificate. Please contact me if you have any questions.

If you are interested in the NCBTMB continuing education, this class provides 8 hours.

Reiki I & II Comprehensive

safe earthPre-requisite: None

This class essentially combines the Reiki I and II together and is a bit more intense. (Please review Levels I & II above.) I really recommend taking the two classes separately, but for those who may have previous experience with other healing modalities, or with Reiki and would like a comprehensive refresher, this is a perfect option. There have also been many students who feel drawn to take this class and complete it with great success. We will start covering all the basics and rapidly add complexity and advanced techniques.

Ethics and standards of practice are emphasized.

By the end of the class you are attuned as Reiki Level II practitioner and receive your certificate.

If you are interested in the NCBTMB continuing education, this class provides 10 hours.

Reiki Master

Pre-requisite: Reiki Level I & II
The most demanding and rewarding of the Reiki classes. Mastering Reiki is a guided, self-journey. The Reiki Master’s accountability to the student continues long after the class is finished. The responsibility should not be taken lightly. In this class, you are given all the tools needed to become a Reiki Master. We  cover the most advanced techniques, while tackling some of the most challenging quests. Through hard work, practice, and attunement, you can become a Reiki Master. It is advisable that the practitioner has become acclimated to practicing their Reiki for at least six months to a year before advancing to the Master level of the Usui System of Natural Energy Healing. Additional attunements are given and the Master Symbols are taught enabling the Master to pass attunements to others.
Ethics and standards of practice are emphasized.If you are interested in the NCBTMB continuing education, this class provides 12 hours.

Sound Affect and Effect I

Pre-requisite: None
What is sound? What is noise? Is silence considered sound? Is there more to sound than meets the ears? The effect and affect of sound. Use of sound to enhance your therapeutic practice such as massage or Reiki. This class is also appropriate for anyone looking to enhance and deepen their meditation practice and energy self-care. This introductory class explores tuning forks, singing bowls, and other ‘sound tools’ along with methods of incorporating sound in therapeutic sessions. The mind-body connection with sound massage and balancing is discovered.If you are interested in the NCBTMB continuing education, this class provides 6 hours.

Sound Affect and Effect II

Pre-requisite: Sound Affect and Effect I
Further investigation into advanced techniques and practices building on Sound Affect and Effect I.If you are interested in the NCBTMB continuing education, this class provides 6 hours.

Universal / Standard Precautions and Hand Hygiene
Home Study Course

Immunity Against Diseases

Prerequisite: None
Available to anyone interested in the course; specifically offered to those interested in obtaining 3 hours of approved NCBTMB continuing education credit in the required category of Research.
Book and test will be emailed as PDF file upon payment. Certificate of Achievement will be issued (as PDF) after the student has successfully completed the course and multiple choice test.

Cost: $29

Preferred method of payment is PayPal,
although other arrangements may be made by calling.
If you prefer to have certificate mailed by USPS,  additional fee of $10 is required to cover the cost of materials and postage.

Please call or email if you have any questions

My Personal Qualifications

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NCBTMB Approved Provider
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Other Certifications

  • Certified Reiki Master Teacher
  • Certified Chakra Therapist
  • Board Certified Massage Therapist
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (Retired)
  • Ordained Minister

* Catherine Warfel (Ageless Balance) is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider