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  • Yoga TimeBring Yoga to you with individual Yoga instruction.
    • Group classes may not be for you…
    • Leaving home isn’t always an option…
    • In need of motivation or prompting…

    New to Yoga, with or without experience, or need a Yoga booster shot? Bring the Yoga Class to you!

    Yoga is amazing, and you know it, but sometimes it’s daunting even getting started! No worries – you don’t have to take a class and risk feeling awkward. I’ll come to you! I offer one-on-one training that is unparalleled. We’ll cover the whole gamut, helping you gain flexibility while bringing relaxation of body and mind together as you learn the lessons of Yoga – from a Yoga Professional!

    Contact me for details!

  • Reiki & Energy

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    Reiki Energy Therapy

    Reiki is an effective energy therapy that promotes well-being and stress reduction. Sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed, usually reclining on a Reiki or massage table, although position made be adjusted as needed. The Reiki practitioner, who has received attunements and been trained, will access and serve as a channel for the life force (ki or chi). It is the life force energy that facilitates changes, not the practitioner. The energy brought in by the practitioner goes where it is needed. No harm can be done through Reiki.

    The practitioner lightly places hands on or just above the client’s body in order to activate Universal Energy within receptive points on the body. As the harmonic flow of energy is strengthened, change occurs through the return of balance.

    Many people report feelings of deep comfort, profound relaxation, or an increased energetic flow depending on what is needed. Most feel more ‘balanced’ after a session. Each experience is individual and personal.

    As a Reiki Master Teacher, I also perform Distance Reiki Sessions. Reiki may be sent across distance and time. This is done by our arranging a predetermined time. You are asked to be in as quiet and comfortable a location as possible before we begin.

    Please call 757.869.0838 or email for distance arrangements.

    Reiki treatments are also appropriate for pets. Many students have come to class to help with caring for their pets. By request, to add to the comfort you receive from companion animals, I have also attuned pets. Call if you have questions.

    Setup a Reiki Appointment

    Reiki Classes:

    There are three levels of training: Level I, Level II, and Master. Level one requires no previous experience or training other than a desire to help yourself and others.
    Classes are periodically offered. If three or more students wish to have a class, arrangements can be made.

    See Reiki Classes

    For NCBTMB Certified Massage Therapists, I am an approved provider (705314/32) and offer approved classes for continuing education credit. Certificates provided at completion.
    These classes are also open to any interested persons not requiring the credits.